Catering in Tapolca

Catering in Tapolca


  • Tópart Bistro is 800 meters from us and offers fresh ingredients, seasonal offers and snacks. (https://www.topartbisztro.hu)   
  • Those looking for a Mediterranean ambiance can visit the Dream Team Café restaurant in the center of Tapolca, between the cave and the mill. Besides their Hungarian dishes, guests can choose from Italian specialties, 30 pizzas and the masterpieces of the reform kitchen. (http://dreamteamcafe.hu/)
  • In the Pura Vida Wine & Dine restaurant, you can order special seafood jelly for excellent wines from Lake Balaton. (http://www.puravidadine.hu/)
  • The famous handicraft Stari Beer is made in Tapolca, 100 meters from us. (http://stari.hu/sorfozde/)


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There are several famous and popular gourmet restaurants on Saint George’s Hill, 6 km from us. Reservation recommended!


A little further away 17 km from Tapolca, in Köveskál:


In Badacsony: